List of Works

Theatrical Works

Cubs Win (2019), 10 minute comic opera
two sopranos, two mezzo-sopranos.
Commissioned by Boston Opera Collaborative.

Misfortune (2018), 10 minute comic opera
Soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, clarinet, piano, viola.
Comisioned by Boston Opera Collaborative. 2nd Prize, The American Prize..

Wish You Were Here (2017), 10 minute romantic opera 
for soprano, baritone, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello. 
Commissioned by Boston Opera Collaborative. Finalist, The American Prize.

American Flag (2016), 10 minute dramatic opera
for mezzo-soprano, tenor, piano.
Commissioned by Longy School of Music Semi-Finalist, The American Prize.

The Break-Up (2014) 18 minute comic opera
for mezzo-soprano, bass-baritone and piano
Commissioned by Bass-Baritone William O'Neill. Honorable Mention, The American Prize.

Operator (2014), 1 hour, 45 minutes.
Two-act musical drama. 
Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant recipient.

Le Bistro Cafe (2003) 1 hour, 45 minutes
Two-act musical comedy. 
Subito Grant, American Composers Forum recipient. 

Emily (2001) 60 minutes
One-act chamber opera about Emily Dickinson for 8-9 singers, piano.

Large Ensemble Works

Against the Grain (2009) 9"
wind ensemble with string trio.
Commissioned by Dinosaur Annex for the Young Composers Festival.
Recipient of an Honorable Mention in the International Alliance for Women in Music New Music Competition 2010 in the Judith Lang Zaimont Prize category.

A Child Said, What Is the Grass (2008) 9"
for chamber orchestra, children's chorus, adult chorus, soprano solo. 
Commissioned by the Community Music Center of Boston.

Country Fields (2006) 5"
For mandolin orchestra. 

Vocal Works and Song Cycles

The Journey (2016)
Song for soprano, Baroque Violin, Baroque Cello, Harpischord.
Commissioned by the Community Music Center of Boston.

Life Doesn't Frighten Me at All (2014)
Four-movement song cycle for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Piano.

3 little songs (2013)
Three-movement song cycle for Soprano, Piano. 

From Thought to Page (2012) 10.5"
Four-movement song cycle for Soprano, piano.

Disir (2008, 2010) 18"
Six-movement work for SSA, folk harp, cello, improvised percussion.

The Forgeries of Jealousy (2009) 5'
soprano, marimba, harp
Commissioned by the American Shakespeare Company, Los Angeles, CA.

Songs of Anxiety (2008) 6"
4-movement song cycle for child soprano and xylophone.

Bee-Smoking (2008) 5.5"
mezzo-soprano, marimba, cello.
Commissioned by Miranda Loud and Rialto Arts: Where Nature Takes Center Stage

Debit Dude (2008) 8"
Three-movement song cycle for bass-baritone, vioiln, cello, piano. 
Commissioned by Bass-Baritoen William O’Neill.

Shining (2005) 28"
Seven-movement song cycle for soprano, mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion. Alternate scoring for soprano and piano.

"Mother, I Cannot Mind My Wheel" (2004) 2"
Soprano, piano.

"There's a Path that Leads to Nowhere" (2001) 3"
Treble, piano.

In My Craft or Sullen Art (2000, 2001) 8"
Three-movement song cycle for tenor, piano. 

Evening Prayer (1996)
Tenor, soprano, bass soloists, children's choir, flute, cello, piano.

Choral Works (All pieces are SATB, Piano unless otherwise indicated)

Let the Chorus Sing (O Music) (2022) 4"

Recipient of 3rd Prize, Lowell Mason National Music Advocacy Award.

How Do I Love Thee (2019) 4”
Commissioned by Exsultet Choir.

My Kingdom (2017) 4"
Commissioned by Ensemble Lyrae.

"The Question" (2017), 4"
Commissioned by First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Medfield.

"Sing Out Now and Celebrate" (2014) 3.5"
Commissioned by First Parish Unitarian-Universalist of Medfield.

"May You Find Peace" (2014) 3.5"

"Benediction" (2014) 2"

"Those Lips that Love's Own Hand Did Make" (2013) 3.5"
Commissioned by the Milford Chamber Choir

"When the Boy Met Noelle" (2012) 5"

"The World We See" (2012) 3.5"

"Be On Your Own Side" (2012) 4.5"
2-part treble voices or solo with piano.

"Morning, So Fair to See" (2012) 3"
SATB and Children’s 2-part choir. 

Hymns for People (2010, 2011)
"When I First Came In,” “Holly King,” "Sharing Carol," "Peace at the Center,” "Awake, Arise,"

To D.R. in Holloway (2009) 3.18"
SSAA a cappella
Commissioned by Anthology, a cappella quartet.

The Woman in the Garden (2008) 6"
Three-movement a cappella choral cycle for SSAA.

Famous (2007) 7"
for mixed adult chorus (SAB), children's chorus and string quartet. Alternate scoring for mixed adult chorus, children's chorus and piano accompaniment.
Poem by Naomi Shihab Nye.
Commissioned by First Parish Needham Choir.

Sleep Now (Soon You'll Hear the Christmas Bells) (2005) 4"
Children's chorus, cello.

Three Whimsical Holiday Songs (2000) 6"
Three songs for children's chorus, piano, tambourine, recorder.

The Unthinking Poet (1996) 1"
SSA a cappella

Invictus (1996) 4"
SATB a cappella

Tell Me Smiling Child (1995) 3"
SSA a cappella 

Chamber Works

Fixations (2021) 4”
Multi-movement chamber work for Flute, Bassoon, Viola. In progress.

Juntos (2013) 13"
Four Movement chamber work for Flute, Bassoon, VIola
I. La Introduccion II. Seguir III. Simetria IV. Dirigir
Commissioned by Anon Ensemble.
Semi-Finalist, The American Prize, Chamber Music Division (Professional), 2015. 
Winner of the Judith Lang Zaimont Prize, International Alliance of Women in Music New Music Search Competition, 2014.

Cecily's Waltz (2013) 1"
Bb clarinet, cello, piano.

Through the Sieve (2011) 5"
Bb Clarinet, viola, piano.
Commissioned by the Animus Ensemble.

Medfield Mornings (2010) 5"
Solo piano.

...But Not Heard (2009) 10"
Prepared folk harp and cello.
Commissioned by the New Gallery Concert Series.

9 Years, 2 Miles (2006) 5"
flute and piano.
Commissioned by Jessica Sherer, flutist.

Cinderella and the Step-Family (2005) 5"
for 3 cellos and clarinet.
Commissioned by the Quincy Quartet.

Cricket-Grasshopper (2005) 9"
Three-movement trio for flute, violin, piano.
Commissioned by Second Star to the Right piano trio.

Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Viola (2004) 7"
Two-movement chamber piece.
Winding Road II. Blue Dawn
 Recipient of an Honorable Mention by the International Alliance of Women in Music New Music Search 2011 in the Judith Lang Zaimont Prize category.

Film Music

Yellow Jacket (2010)
Featured song.

To a Man (2009)
Documentary film score.
Funded by a COHASI Grant.

The Vigil (2006)
Electroacoustic soundtrack incorporating cellos, flute, keyboard, voice.

Realizing Glen (2005)
Soundtrack for violin, flute, piano, guitar, voice.
*** Award: Best Sci-Fi Film, National Film Challenge.

Electroacoustic Music

Now Is Then (2005) 3"
MAX/MSP piece utlizing voice.

Solitaire (2004) 4"
a piece with soprano and deck of cards as sound sources. Cubase.

Other Projects

Miscellaneous improvised music for Water(wars), an installation art piece performed at the Magdalena Project (USA), Providence, RI. 30"