1. 1 La Introduccion, Juntos 03:20 Info
  2. 2 "buy me an ounce and i'll sell you a pound" 00:00
  3. 3 Emily Prelude & "Of Bronze and Blaze" 05:13 Info
  4. 4 Excerpt: Winding Road 01:13 Info
  5. 5 To D.R. in Holloway (IAWM Conference) 05:07
  6. 6 If You Were Coming in the Fall (Emily) 03:53
  7. 7 Nine Years, Two Miles 03:46
  8. 8 Eve's Advice to Her Granddaughters 02:25 Info
  9. 9 little tree 00:00 Free
  10. 10 "I Envy Seas Whereon He Rides" 04:37 Info
  11. 11 Faceblind 03:15
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  12. 12 "I Love You" 03:50 Info

Notes on Tracks

Juntos: I. La Introduccion, Anon Ensemble: Jessica Sherer, flute; Katie Holland, bassoon; Kelly King, viola. (2013)

"buy me an ounce and i'll sell you a pound," Anney Barrett, soprano; Yukiko Yamamoto, piano. This is the final movement of Kendrick's song cycle set to e.e. cummings poems, 3 little songs. (2013)

"Emily Prelude/"Of Bronze and Blaze," Becca Kornet (Emily), Eva Kendrick, piano. In the prelude, Emily Dickinson is writing a poem, which she sings aloud as the prelude ends. (2012)

Sonata for Flute Oboe Clarinet and Viola: Winding Road. An exerpt of the first movement of a two-movement chamber work. Flute: Jessica Sherer. Oboe: Izumi Chato. Clarinet: Elaine Clark. Viola: Roy Rudolph. (2005)

"To D.R. in Holloway," NAU Women's Chamber Ensemble. Dr. Ryan Holder, Conductor. International Alliance of Women in Music Congress, Flagstaff, AZ. Set to a text by Joan Lavendar Guthrie, a Brittish suffragette. (2011)

"If You Were Coming in the Fall" from the Emily chamber opera. In this song, Emily (Becca Kornet) and the Friend (John Kornet) are singing one of Emily's poems to one another. (2012)

Nine Years, Two Miles, a fantasy for flute and piano. Pamela Schuett, flute. (2012)

"Eve's Advice to Her Granddaughters," poem by Laurie Robertson-Lorant, part of a choral cycle series called The Woman in the Garden. Recorded and performed by Eva Kendrick. (2008)

"little tree," is the second movement from the e.e. cummings song cycle 3 little songs, which premiered at the John Kleshinkski Faculty Concert Series in 2013. Anney Barrett, soprano; Yukiko Yamamoto, piano. (2013)

 "I Envy Seas Whereon He Rides," a duet from the one-act chamber opera Emily, about the life of the Amherst poetess Emily Dickinson. In this scene, Emily's brother Austin and his mistress Mabel, read aloud one of Emily's poems. Mabel: Kara Lund. Austin: Eric Castro. (2002)

"Faceblind," by Eva Kendrick is performed by Anne's Cordial: Eva Kendrick, vocals/keyboard; Natalie Markward, vocals/guitar; Reed McLaren, vocals/harp; Joseph L. Auger, drums. (2010)

"I Love You," a song from Kendrick's musical comedy Le Bistro Cafe. Soloist: Moqui Lund, piano: Eva Kendrick. Recorded by Nelson Lee. (2003)

*** Please note, all recordings are taken from live performances except where otherwise indicated. All music is created by Eva Kendrick and copywritten by ASCAP.

"When I First Came In" by Eva Kendrick

"Sharing Carol" by Eva Kendrick

"Awake, Arise!" by Eva Kendrick

"Of Bronze and Blaze"— "Emily" Opera

"If You Were Coming in the Fall" — "Emily"

"Reconciliation"—"Emily" Opera

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